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The Few. The Proud. Women Marines in Harm's Way

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On a dark night in February 2005, Sara Sheldon arrived at Camp Fallujah, outside the dangerous ancient city for which it was named. Armed only with a camera, a laptop, and notepads, she was a spectator to the war who secured permission to embed with the 1st MEF and observe and interview Marines who happened to be women then posted at Camp Fallujah. In the time she spent there, Sheldon interviewed women who held ranks from corporal to colonel to gain a broad and varied perspective of the experiences representative of female Marines throughout Iraq. She reveals much about her subjects: the preconceived notions they possessed when they enlisted in the Corps, how the experience of serving in Iraq changed them, and what they ultimately took home from the battlefield. 

Marines take pride in the fact that we don’t wear organizational or unit patches on our uniforms and that it is only the “Eagle, Globe and Anchor” worn above (and in) our hearts that matters. The spirit of this shines radiantly through Sara Sheldon’s work “The Few, The Proud: Women Marines in Harm’s Way”. She has done a service by cogently capturing the Iraq war contributions of Marines who happen to be women.
— Col J. M. Lynes
My husband gave me this book for Christmas, because we were a dual service Marine couple. I try to read non fiction books about Women Marines and have a small collection of them. I found myself thinking as I read this “....this is how I remember Marines...”. Thank You Ms. Sheldon.
— Anna Grabill

Operation Restore America

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A gritty, realistic portrayal of a Columbian drug lord who threatens NY with a Nuclear weapon and meets justice via a full-scale amphibious Marine Corps landing in the Bronx. Thoroughly researched, the gripping scenario records what happens when a drug lord turns to weapons trader and hides his operation where least expected--in the Big Apple. In an operation beyond the capabilities of the government agencies, the Marines are called in to take him out.

S.A. Sheldon presents an ominous, exciting and credible story. We must ensure that this tale doesn’t become reality.
— Lt.Col. Douglas H. Madigan, US Army, retired
This could be called “Operation Wake Up America”. Our military does these clean-ups world-wide. Maybe we’re next.
— MW4 Hugh Jay Brown, Jr. Army Aviation Rep. Sikorsky Aircraft
If the Corps had to clean up a U.S. city, this is exactly how it would happen.
— Cpl. Edward Olson, Weapons Company, USMC